Project details

Hollydale Primary School
Services provided:
Emotional well-being and physical health programme, focusing on swimming lessons and building water confidence for non-swimmers.
Start date:
June 2021
Completion date:
July 2021
Project brief:
The school wanted a summer programme that helped their students become more water confident, whilst also building their resilience and social skills.
Project challenges:
Four out of five BAME children leave primary school without knowing how to swim. This programme looked to address the issues around water confidence in this particular group. Children have had disrupted academic years due to COVID-19 restrictions, therefore have not had the opportunities to socialise with friends. They have also missed out on a lot of learning.
Project benefits:
65% of all children who attended the swimming lessons said they felt more confident when it came to swimming. 63% of children stated that they usually do less physical activity compared to what they did during the summer scheme.

What the parents were saying…