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One of the aims of Sporting Way is to create a positive, nurturing environment for young people to feel safe and learn. So, alongside our work in schools and colleges, we also run provisions as part of the community. One such provision is our Afterschool Club at Grove Park Youth Club in Lewisham.
Our provision changes during term time and holidays, so if you would like your child to attend, please register your interest below.

What is our youth provision?

We represent the communities we work in. This means collaborating with local organisations, residents and services to put on activities that are beneficial to our young people. During term time, our Afterschool Club is a place for homework support, art, and physical activity. Our focus is always the development of our young people’s physical and mental health and wellbeing.

During holiday times we run sports and physical activity camps. To register your interest in the relevant holiday provision, please see below.

Youth Club Registration Forms

2023 Summer Holiday Provision | 24th July 2023 – 17th August 2023
2023 Summer Holiday Provision
New Attendees Sign up Form
2023 Summer Holiday Provision
Existing Attendees Sign up Form
SHP Activity
Paddle Boarding Registration Form
3 August and 16 August 2023
Wall Climbing Registration Form
27 July and 10 August 2023
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