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A non-profit organisation using the power of sport and play to educate, engage and inspire young people to achieve their potential. It’s amazing what we can do when we’re having fun!

At Sporting Way we are passionate about giving children and young people the opportunity to learn and develop.

What we do

We are a unique organisation, working within schools, community organisations and sports clubs. We are unique because we run bespoke emotional well-being programmes using the principles of sport, play and physical activity to address issues that children and young people (CYP) face.

Not all CYP are the same, and neither are their experiences. Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can have a significant impact on a CYP’s development and their subsequent opportunities in life.

We are proud to have…


children engaged


strategic partners


institutional clients

Who for

We work with any organisation concerned with the wellbeing and education of children and young people.
Football/sports clubs
Youth clubs
Community groups

How we can help

The programmes we offer all look to develop a young person’s soft skills such as resilience and self-esteem through engagement in sport and/or play. However, not every person is the same, and not every young person reacts to their adversity in the same way.

Our bespoke programmes focus on three main areas:

Emotional literacy
Mental health and well-being, with a focus on coping mechanisms for negative emotions such as anger, anxiety and worry.
Raising aspirations
Expanding CYP’s aspirational horizons for both personal and professional ambitions.
Social development
Building personal and social skills within CYP, positive group interactions, conflict resolution and developing confidence.


Our partners

Youth Club Provision

One of the aims of Sporting Way is to create a positive, nurturing environment for young people to feel safe and learn. So, alongside our work in schools and colleges, we also run provisions as part of the community. One such provision is our Afterschool Club at Grove Park Youth Club in Lewisham.

During holiday times we run sports and physical activity camps. To register your interest in the relevant holiday provision, click the button below.

Sporting Way