Project details

Bromley Beacon Academy
Services provided:
Emotional well-being and physical activity programme
Start date:
April 2019
Completion date:
July 2019
Project brief:
Work with students to improve self esteem, resilience and social skills. It was also important to provide a literacy and numeracy element for students.
Project challenges:
Working with students with SEMH and SEND.
Project benefits:
Increased literacy engagement, increased attendance, stronger resilience, better relationships with peers and staff

Client testimonial

“The programme benefitted our students in many ways. The students developed emotional intelligence, which some were finding difficult prior to the course. It also helped to improve relationships with peers and staff and enabled them to listen more to other people’s points of view, which has really supported them with their transition to BBAB [Bromley Beacon Academy Bromley campus for Key Stage four and five students]. Students looked forward to these sessions and were keen to participate, which resulted in attendance being higher. The literacy engagement supported the learning, which was happening in school, and encouraged the pupils to think outside of English lessons about literacy. The pupils really enjoyed the experience at the climbing wall and this helped them to engage with each other and with staff in a way which is very different to in the classroom. One particular pupil had always shown reluctance to participate in group activities and sporting activities because of more dominant characters in the group. This programme really helped his low self-esteem and confidence and by the end of the sessions he was completely involved in the activities. Can I take this opportunity to thank you for sharing the sessions with us, and I hope to work with you again in the future.”

Sarah Gordon
Interim Assistant Head, Bromley Beacon Academy, Orpington