Project details

Middle Park Avenue Community Centre
Services provided:
Social development, focusing on personal and social factors that impact an individual’s sense of belonging and self-esteem
Start date:
April 2018
Completion date:
August 2018
Project brief:
The community centre wanted to improve relationships between children and young people, especially those making the transition from primary to senior school.
Project challenges:
Encouraging the children to participate in new sports and physical activities. Heightened feelings of insecurity and anxiety caused by the prospect of moving schools. Many of the children will be attending different senior schools.
Project benefits:
66% (six out of nine) of the children who attended left sessions in a positive mood. The remaining 33% believed they were already self-confident. 88% (eight out of nine) of the children agreed they “enjoyed spending more time with friends during the programme”, 77% of children believed they did more physical activity as a result of the programme.

Client testimonial

“This programme was fantastic! The kids got to see a diverse range of role models from different sports. You could also see them getting along better with each other. The boxing training was so good to see! Some of the kids had never done that sort of thing before, so getting them out of their comfort zone and trying new things was lovely to see!”

Lin Corbell
Community Centre Manager