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Our programmes

Our aim is to mitigate the impact of ACEs by providing safe, positive environments to educate CYP through fun, creative programmes. So, whether the focus is academia, behaviour, self-esteem, identity, mental or physical ill-health, our programmes look to engage by gamifying the life skills we want our CYP to possess. Ultimately, we want to make a positive change in a sporting way.

How we work

First and foremost, we need to understand the needs of your CYP and your organisation’s intended outcomes. Once we know what you want to achieve, we’ll create a tailor-made programme that is impactful and measurable. Your programme will be structured to focus on the activities that are most appropriate for your requirements, which could include counselling, sport, non-competitive play and more.


Change doesn’t happen overnight. Our programmes vary from short-term interventions of six weeks to longer-term personal development programmes. We understand the restrictions many schools and organisations face, due to time, finances, or capacity, which is why we always recommend running a pilot initiative before undertaking a full programme. Many of our current clients started off running a pilot project with us, and three years on, our work with them is even more effective and far-reaching.


Our programmes fall under three main categories, each designed to address a specific area of development:

Social development

Building personal and social skills within CYP, positive group interactions, conflict resolution and developing confidence.

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Emotional literacy

Mental health and well-being, with a focus on coping mechanisms for negative emotions such as anger, anxiety and worry.

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Raising aspirations

Expanding CYP’s aspirational horizons for both personal and professional ambitions.

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